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We want our children... develop the ability to be attentive.

We want our children... experience the satisfaction of working with their hands.

We want our children... engage in physical activities that become meaningful in their lives.

We want our children... know how to make healthy decisions concerning diet and nutrition.

We want our children... understand the validity of their feelings and their responsibility for their actions.

We want our children... see quiet and relaxation as necessary components of learning.

We want our children... understand how to make and maintain a friendship.

We want our children... know how to handle themselves appropriately in social situations.

We want our children... understand that any learning endeavor depends primarily on them.

We want our children... have a deepening relationship with something that arises out of their own personal...

We want our children... have a growing and deepening intellectual interest in at least one curricular area.

We want our children... make their best effort in their academic course work.

We want our children... have a successful organizational style.

We want our children... use educational tools in developmentally appropriate ways to deepen understanding.

We want our children... have a balanced perspective on contemporary trends and world issues.

We want our children... have reverence for the natural world

We want our children... have a deepening understanding of the aesthetic dimension of the world.

We want our children... be aware of the space around them and share in its maintenance.

We want our children... appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and celebrate the differences.

We want our children... grow in the experience of doing for others.

We want our children... acknowledge their debt to the work of others.

Falk's Hummingbird Robotics Creatures Project

Falk's Hummingbird Robotics Creatures Project is a 5th-grade collaboration that fuses art with technology. Students begin by drafting detailed schematics of their ideas and then collect recyclables for building. During art class, the students construct their creatures; later on, they incorporate and program Hummingbird Kit components (servos, motors, LEDs, and sensors) in technology class to make their creatures come alive. These original Hummingbird creatures showcase the students' abilities to plan, problem solve, and work collaboratively – as well as use their imaginations.

The Pittsburgh-based creators of Hummingbird kits, BirdBrain Technologies, recently launched a YouTube video featuring students in Ms. Sukenik's 5th graders working on their creatures last spring--check it out!


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Falk Environmental Week


Falks middle school students had an amazing week of environmental activity.  The 7th and 8th grade students spent 4 days and 3 nights at the McKeever Environmental Learning Center.  The 6th Grade students participated in 3 day trips to the Falk Eden Hall Environmenatal Campus of Chatham University.  Unitl now the students' experiences were limited to the students themselves.  Now, with the help of techology, e-zines have been created so that Falk friends and families can share the days spent engaing with the Western Pennsylvania environment.

Employment Opportunities for Substitute Teachers



Falk Laboratory School is accepting applications for Substitute Teacher Positions for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  Applications in all certification areas are welcome including Elementary, Secondary, and Subject area specializations.

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