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A Home for <span>Learning</span>

A Home for Learning

Since 1931, Falk Lab School has provided a learning environment grounded in community, diversity, and progressive and experiential education. A Falk education emphasizes collaboration and active learning. As a laboratory school, we support research aimed at developing innovative new practices in education while also assisting in the preparation of student teachers.

Meaningful Moments

From yoga classes and experiences in the Falk Woods to making in the WonderLab, a Falk Lab School education is defined by authentic learning experiences that address the social, emotional, and academic needs of each student.

Wish #1

To understand that any learning endeavour depends primarily on them

Wish #2

To have a deepening relationship with something that arises out of their own personal interests

Wish #3

To have a growing and deepening intellectual interest in at least one curricular area

Falk Lab’s
21 Wishes

In 2001, the faculty at Falk created a supporting document that captures the essence of Falk and places us in a more visionary context. “What do we wish for our children?”

A Warm, Diverse

Meaningful engagement between students and teachers is at the heart of a Falk education. More than 80 percent of Falk Lab School teachers possess an advanced degree, and each year the school hosts more than a dozen student teachers completing their training.