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A Word from our Director, Jill Sarada

Lab schools have a history of being innovative, reflective, welcoming places focused on ensuring that their communities have meaningful learning experiences.

At Falk Lab School, we are proud to continue this legacy.

At Falk, there is a focus on learning that extends beyond the student experience to that of every member of our community: children, faculty, staff, university students, and families and caregivers.

We know that learning is most meaningful when it is relevant to the life of the learner, so personal identities, cultures, and experiences play an important part in the way we structure learning experiences.

This website touches upon the many ways Falk serves as a place for learning from our thoughtfully designed academic programs to our attention to children’s social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. But there is much more to see and tell. Whether you are a prospective family, educator, future educator, or researcher, we invite you to connect with us.