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Food Kids Love to Eat... Serving Up Happy & Healthy.

Great food begins with the best ingredients. Chartwells Dining Services, which operates the dining program for Falk School, is devoted to using the freshest and most nutritious ingredients available. Healthy choices are happy choices, and Falk School Cafe menus offer both.

Falk's strong working relationship with Chartwells and their dedicated dining service staff has resulted in more options, healthier choices, and a “greener” dining experience that makes use of more locally grown produce.

Chartwells is led on-site by Mandy Ventrice, who comes to Falk with a solid background in food service. Ms. Ventrice helps align meal choices focused on healthy and creative menus, complementing Falk School’s philosophy, which emphasizes wellness, sustainability, and a diverse variety of offerings.

Contact Ms. Ventrice at [email protected].


Each day, Falk students, faculty, and staff select from hot entrees, deli-style entrees, and a salad entree. Students also enjoy free fresh-cut fruit daily. We also offer the option of a child-portion sandwich entree, with the choice of either turkey and cheese on wheat or sun butter and jelly. Fridays are dessert days, with dessert options available with the purchase of a meal.

A full lunch (for all grades) $6.00
A la carte beverages $0.75

Food Allergy Awareness

We take food allergies very seriously at Falk. Our classrooms are "Nut-Free Zones." Parents should select only nut-free snacks or treats for consumption in classrooms. Nuts of all varieties are restricted to being eaten only in the school café during lunch. Students with any type of peanut or tree nut allergy are seated at an allergen-free table during lunch to prevent cross-contamination. Falk’s teachers and cafeteria staff are vigilant and attentive to all children’s safety, and tables and eating spaces in the cafeteria where nuts may have been consumed are carefully monitored and thoroughly sanitized afterward.


Snack is provided free to all students.

Below is a recent representative snack schedule:

Monday Goldfish
Tuesday Pretzels and bananas
Wednesday Trail mix
Thursday Graham crackers and grapes
Friday Animal crackers