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Learning Journeys Overview

At Falk Laboratory School, individual children are at the center of our curriculum.

From the time children enter Falk as kindergarteners until they graduate from the eighth grade, what they need, what they are curious about, who they are, and who they are becoming all go into how and why we develop our program.

We strive to develop learning experiences that are both stimulating and engaging, and we see school as a time in life that is both challenging and enjoyable for children.

In our classrooms, studios, play spaces, and laboratories, learning occurs through inquiry, hands-on explorations of materials, social interactions, and play.

Falk students become active participants in their own education. They learn to make thinking visible, to construct meaning, and to cultivate literacy across content areas. Falk students build problem-solving skills, empathy, and a sense of social responsibility that will serve them well beyond their years at Falk.

Falk’s central philosophy remains steady as students progress from the Primary Level to Intermediate and on to Middle School, adapting to fit the changing needs of individual children in different developmental stages and to offer them new opportunities for learning. In exchanges between students and teachers, and among students within the greater Falk School community, each new school year brings an opportunity to revisit what has been learned previously and to build upon it.